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Episode 3 of Special Needs Connection!  Listen Sunday mornings at 10:00 on KPPF 98.5 FM, 1040 AM and 95.7 FM, the Power of Education!

Episode 2 of Money Every Month with Pikes Peak National Bank's Robin Roberts and Hoff & Leigh's Tim Leigh.  Learn the secrets to building wealth i...View Details

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A lifelong friend to the arts community, Linda Weise founded the Colorado Springs Conservatory and has recently launched the Simple Gift series on PBS...View Details

Elizabeth Silverman is American Heart Association of Colorado Springs executive director.  She has a history with the AHA.  It's a good one.  Now she'...View Details

20+ years as a Phil Long Dealerships ambassador.  His prior claim to fame is as a member of the Denver Bronco's Orange Crush defense.  Randy Gradishar...View Details

Meet Micheal "Sherm" Sherman, a veteran Marine who continues his service through gathering sports equipment and giving it to kids who don't have it.  ...View Details

Marketing Strategies with Audrey Kerchner, Saturday mornings at 7:30 only on KPPF 98.5 FM, 1040 AM and 95.7 FM!

Welcome to the premiere episode of Money Every Month with Pikes Peak National Bank's Robin Roberts and Hoff & Leigh's Tim Leigh!

Meet Andy Vick, Executive Director of the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region, or, COPPeR.  The City's 150th anniversary is approaching and sesqu...View Details

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Our featured guest on KPPF's Community Power Break is Birgit Landin.  Birgit serves as Community Education Specialist with Colorado Springs Utilities.

We spoke with Mt. Carmel Veteran Service Center's Tom Miller about their bi-weekly food distribution.

A voice you've heard before but until now, probably didn't know who he really is!  We're humbled!  Jim Cutler is now the voice of KPPF!

Meet Audrey Kerchner, host of Marketing Strategies.  Everything you want and need to know about marketing your small business Saturday mornings at 7:3...View Details

In this first episode of the podcast, I talk about the difference between marketing strategy vs tactics. The difference between marketing strategy and...View Details

Answers to your questions about where to find help for your special needs loved one!