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Meet Bob Goss, founder of Step Into Chaos, a marriage coaching ministry.  Many years ago Bob's own marriage was in trouble and very chaotic.  He resig...View Details

El Paso County Assessor, Steve Shlieker, talks about bi-annual re-evaluation of properties in the county and information you will receive by mail in t...View Details

El Paso County Department of Human Service's Kristina Iodice shares information about National Child Abuse Prevention Month and how you can help stop ...View Details

The National WWII Aviation Museum in Colorado Springs showcases the flying machines of WWII and tells the stories behind them.  Listen now as communic...View Details

Angela is joining the KPPF family as host of the Brighter Day in the Neighborhood radio program.  Listen now for what the show is all about and when i...View Details

Kristina serves as PIO for El Paso County Department of Human Services.  One of the vital programs the department oversees is the LEAP, or, Low Income...View Details

As the saying goes, you never know who you're sitting next to and every one of them has a story.  Angela Jones is going to introduce you to the people...View Details

An Extensive Look into Programs and Assistance for your Special Needs Loved Ones as it pertains to Social Security and the navigation of all of its in...View Details

The America's Meat Candy that is brisket takes up the whole show on today's menu. Get your notepad as Dan uses his expertise to help you start your su...View Details

The Battle of Fallujah tested Dr. Donnelly Wilkes in many ways. It refined his medical skills AND his faith. He tells his story in the autobiography  ...View Details

Duane France talks with Charlton Clarke, a licensed professional therapist and co-clinical director at the Family Care Center.  Plus the reasons why s...View Details

The crypto-journey illustrated through Nick Green's experience.  Before all is said and done DogeCoin and Doge Day celebrated. Originally aired 4/24/2...View Details

Highlighting Value Based Marketing, a marketing strategy that appeals to your customers' values and ethics aligning your business with like-minded ind...View Details

Robin and Tim talk with Holly Trinidad of Hoff & Leigh Real Estate as the premier commercial specialist.  Expressing local markets knowledge and i...View Details

Ted Robertson sits down with Gretchen Pressley of the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region to discuss kitten season and the need for volunteers. Or...View Details

Easy Does It BBQ with Dan MacDonald presented by Colorado BBQ Outfitters debuts with the 2 "Q"s:  BBQ I."Q." and the BBQ F A"Q"s.  A delicious start t...View Details

Novelist and Spec Ops Specialist Jack Carr discusses the state of the world with insight into the mind of our enemies foreign and domestic.   American...View Details

Chad Mason joins the Show from Infinity Disposal to share tips on QR codes, video, and social media driving awareness for new business. Originally air...View Details

This week on Inside the Military Mind, your host Duane France interviews Molly Wingate, founder and executive director of Poetry Heals.  Plus, informa...View Details

Nick Green highlights the trends of this week in all things crypto and steps up with Insights on what may work for you.  Crypto Karma is presented by ...View Details

An eye-opening discussion about funding your commercial property purchases. Originally aired : 4/17/21

KPPF's Ted Robertson interviews Dan MacDonald as we welcome vital BBQ information moving outdoors to our grills.  Originally Aired 4/15/21

Block Chain and crypto:  BitCoin is now worth more than a bar of gold!

Introducing Nick Green, host of Krypto Karma heard Saturday mornings on KPPF!

Ted Roberstson Jumps into one of the Hottest New Shows on KPPF with Duane France of Inside the Military Mind.  Originally Aired 4/14/21

Ted Robertson Shares the Fascinating Programs with Court Appointed Special Advocates Representative Keri Kahn for the Pikes Peak Region. Learn how you...View Details

Randee Van Ness Talks to the Wonderful Folks from the Special Olympics including Tasha Noble and Will Romero from The  ARC.  

Special Guest Sheriff Lamb Enlightens Colorado Springs to the State of Law Enforcement as he sees it Nationwide. 

This week on Inside the Military Mind with Duane France presented by the Family Care Center, Dr. Chuck Weber of FCC speaks about his background in the...View Details

In Episode 3 of Crypto Karma with Nick Green, get the lowdown on crypto trends, current crypto currency values, competing with gold and lots of fun fa...View Details

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This week on Money Every Month with Robin Roberts of Pikes Peak National Bank and Tim Leigh of Hoff and Leigh, three takeaways when purchasing commerc...View Details

El Paso County's Assessor, Steve and his team are busy re-evaluating properties across the county. In odd years, your property is assessed and re-valu...View Details

Episode 4 of Special Needs Connection!  Listen Sunday mornings at 10:00 on KPPF 98.5 FM, 1040 AM and 95.7 FM, the Power of Compassion! 

Episode 4 of Marketing Strategies with Audrey Kerchner!  Marketing Strategies airs Saturday mornings at 7:30 only on KPPF 98.5 FM, 1040 AM and 95.7 FM...View Details

American Warrior Radio with Ben Buehler-Garcia, presented by Medicare Mentors, tells the stories of the men and women of the military who have served ...View Details

Inside the  Military Mind with Duane France is presented by the Family Care Center and tailored to meet the needs those who are military connected and...View Details

Pivot might be a word you're hearing a lot lately.  Flexibility, responsiveness and agility in your business is crucial to your ultimate success and s...View Details

Jamil Cooks is site director in Colorado Springs for Community Works.  His organization lifts people out of the criminal justice system and into new l...View Details

Truly a man's man, James Proby, founder of the Men's Xchange, lives his life to make other's better.