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On this episode, Mental Health Therapist Kyle Brigman talks about the concepts of self esteem, self worth, the relationship between the two and how th...View Details

On this episode, Angela Jones talks with Valarie Brodar, Reiki Master Teacher and owner of River Moss Reiki.  She explains that Reiki is a gentle hand...View Details

If you're a history buff, you're in for a treat! Dan's special guest is Dr. Bob Wettemann, Associate Professor Dept. of History at the United States A...View Details


GORUCK co-founder and CEO Jason McCarthy says his path from leaving the Special Forces to building a $100 ...View Details

Duane France continues his conversation with Eli Varney, a licensed professional counselor and explores the lessons we can learn from failing and spec...View Details

On this episode, we're talking about a new concept in home rentals called Hoste. Audrey's guests are Killian Gordon, Sr. Business Development Manager ...View Details

Nick Green offers up some tasty tidbits to help you navigate through the world of crypto currency with weekly price trends, a peek into the Crypto Kar...View Details

On this episode we spotlight the Patriot Day Give Back Event at Mt. Carmel VSC and are honored to have American Patriot, U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. (R...View Details

Today's topic centers around Foster Care. Yakitta Renfroe talks with Danielle Patterson a Social Worker with The Patterson Center for Resiliency and a...View Details

Get ready to have some fun with a lively Brighter Day Law staff spotlight conversation with Angela's Executive Personal Assistant, Michelle O'Connor. ...View Details

Cooler Heads with Jedd Hafer Episode 10 Ambition vs Greed The discussion between Jedd Hafer and guest HB Pasley of highlights business pr...View Details

On this episode, Dan's special guest is Tim Christensen owner of Fermentations Home Winemaking and Home Brew Center sharing his knowledge about wine a...View Details

Our featured guest interview is with Marshall Bosworth, the El Paso County Veterans Service Officer, The Homefront Military Resource of the Week is Op...View Details

Hey big spender! This episode is all about how to market your business to affluent consumers.  Who the are, what they do, where you can find them and ...View Details

It's another exciting week in the world of crypto currency. Leading off with Richard Nixon's 1971 speech about taking the U.S. dollar off the gold sta...View Details

Our guests today are Joe Aldaz, President and CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on the Documentary American Exile, Erik Cruz, VP of Recruiting a...View Details


Noted Naval Historian Robert Cressman recounts one of the most significant battle...View Details

Mathnasium of Briargate's Hayes Fraser sits down with Michael Gomez to discuss cultivating a love for math and when kid's turn the corner in mathemati...View Details

Your host on this episode of Mind Salad is Lexi Ellis with her guest Stephen Banta, a mental health therapist with Into Freedom Counseling, with a dis...View Details

Angela Jones shares a conversation with Videographer/Photographer Chris Gosnell about her helping philosophy and a glimpse into her world of assisting...View Details

Cooler Heads with Jedd Hafer Episode 14 Go Local!   Jedd Hafer and guest Keith Dorscht of discuss the reasons for choosing local famil...View Details

Picking up where we left off last week, Pit Boss Brian Guerrero of the BarBQ 22 and Sales Rep for Green Mountain Grills gives us an inside look at BBQ...View Details


Bone Frog Cellars and Bone Frog Coffee Founder and CEO Tim Cruickshank says “giving is the reas...View Details

On this episode, Duane's Insights segment centers around the difficulty with Military Deployments and breaking the news to kids. Our guest interview i...View Details

On this episode Audrey's special guest is Dr. Erica Abraham, D.C. of Axon Health in Colorado Springs talking about how she and her husband decided to ...View Details

Get the inside scoop on all the crypto happenings including the latest price trends on Bitcoin, EXP, Telcoin and Dogecoin. Plus more news on AMC Theat...View Details

Our focus on this episode of Tactical Advantage is on jobs, career transitions and the programs that assist veterans and their spouses.  Our guests in...View Details

Don't stress out! On this episode of Mind Salad, your host Carlos Villafan talks about stress.  What is stress, how does it manifest itself, how to de...View Details

On this episode, Angela Jones invites Andrew Vose to A Brighter Day for a conversation about his upbringing, struggle's and successes, his new found c...View Details

Cooler Heads with Jedd Hafer

Episode 13 Highlighting the Positive    Jedd Hafer and guests Officer Adam Menter & Sergeant Jason Newton of CSPD di...View Details

Back by popular demand, Brian Guerrero Pit Boss of BarBQ 22 and sales rep for Green Mountain Grills returns to talk to Dan MacDonald about BBQ Competi...View Details


“Bone Rattle” author Marc Cameron is quite familiar with some of the scenarios presented in his latest thriller...View Details

This episode's Insight segment centers around the topic of common perceptions about veterans in the media and in our community.  Our guest interview i...View Details

Don't freak out! This episode is all about SEO, Search Engine Optimization.  Audrey explains a simple process to get you started on how to maximize "s...View Details

Welcome Bitcoiners for another look into the crypto currency world with Nick Green.  We have our eye on price trends, taking profits and NY vs. Miami'...View Details

We are celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center with its Founder, CEO and President of Phil Long Dealerships Jay Cimino, ...View Details

American Legion #2008 Car Show August 8th 2021 Featured today. 

This episode is centered around the topic of Perspectives. Kyle's special guests are his children Mikah, Hannah and Zane who talk about their life and...View Details

On this episode, hear the life journey and story of Colorado Springs Photographer Mandy Penn who started with a career in modeling and discovered her ...View Details