Originally Aired: Nov 28, 2021

Guest: Tim Johnson, Copperfox Coffee Roasters


Tim Johnson is native to Colorado Springs, CO. A couple fun facts about Tim: Music is part of his core and he is a guitarist at heart, leadership in the workplace is important to him, he is a visionary and always sees the potential in something, he is resourceful and works with a sense of urgency, and he is married to Laura (his best friend and business partner) and together they have two sons, Caleb and Ferris. 


Tim has worked in the coffee industry for over 15 years and has been roasting for over 10. He began working at a coffee shop while he was in college because he needed the money. At the time, he didn’t even like coffee. But the more he learned about it and tried it, the more he realized, geography has a flavor. 


In his over 10 years of roasting, Tim has realized that coffee tastes so much better when it’s a lighter or medium roast because you can taste more of the notes from the bean when it’s not smokey or burnt. Plus, the lighter the roast, the more caffeine. So that’s also a pleasant bonus. Coffee has so many different notes and flavors, it is easy to distinguish itself, as mentioned above. For example, Latin American coffee will have sweeter notes like caramel and chocolate, whereas African coffees tend to be fruitier. This can be anywhere on the spectrum between a grapefruit to a darker fruit, like a plum. So, as you can see, geography really does have a flavor. 


All that said, but Tim wanted to do more than just sell great coffee. What was the purpose? What was the heart behind it all? You can buy coffee anywhere, but Tim wanted to give back. Out of this, Copperfox Coffee Roasters was born. Copperfox Coffee Roasters is coffee with a purpose, coffee with a heart. Simply put, 10% of all proceeds go to fight human trafficking. Copperfox Coffee Roasters gives to an organization that risks their lives to investigate and set these children free. So, the bigger vision behind selling coffee is to help set children free from the sex industry.

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