Originally Aired: Dec 5, 2021

Guest: Meagan Thomas

Meagan Thomas is a 20-something Colorado Springs native with a passion for fitness, food and wine. With a bachelor’s degree from Baker University, a tiny liberal arts college located in Eastern Kansas, Meagan began working as a breaking news reporter for the Lawrence Journal-World newspaper. After a few short months of living in Lawrence, Kan., she knew her heart was in the Rocky Mountains and made the move back to Colorado.

It took only a few months of being back in the Springs for her to realize how much the city and state are growing and changing. Even though she’s called Colorado home for many years, she loves discovering the best local restaurants, bars, boutiques, fitness studios and events in Colorado Springs and throughout the state. She has a deep belief in supporting the businesses that help make Colorado Springs a unique place to live.

Springs Native is your source for tips on finding the best local restaurants, shops and businesses at 6,035 feet.

Along with managing Springs Native, Meagan owns her own marketing & PR company, Springs Native Creative. You can also listen to her chat about her dating woes or attend one of her many singles events with Single in the Springs.

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